Welcome to the Thai Horse Farm

The Thai Horse Farm has been operating for over 16 years a horse-riding adventure farm in the Phrao valley north of Chiang Mai in Thailand. We offer horseback riding holidays in the Sri Lanna National Park on the basis of a sustainable tourism. Our management team combines German management capabilities with Thai hospitality.

We would be delighted if you spend your holiday with us and assure to you that our entire farm family will do everything to make your visit with us will be an unforgettable experience.

Below, we invite you to get to know us shortly.


"Getting what you want isn’t the most important thing in life, it’s still wanting it once you have it."

  • Born in Berlin 1965, lived and worked there but always had a pleasure to travel
  • In 1998 he set off to Asia with nothing but his backpack. In 1999 he came to Thailand and instantly fell in love with the area.
  • At the turn of the new millennium the ‘Thai Horse Farm’ became a reality; he got his first two horses and set out exploring the jungles around Phrao. Since then he has continuously worked on expanding the farm.

Responsible for tours and their organization. Always coming up with new ideas but never quite finding enough time.


"Happiness lies in being able to appreciate everything around you."

  • Born in the 70s, somewhere along the Mae Khong in the heart of the Golden Triangle. She grew up in the jungle as one of seven children in a Lahu nomad family.
  • Has worked at the Thai Horse Farm since 2002 and in 2003 became Boris´ wife.

Growing up in the jungle, Mila is always ready for some fishing, hunting or just gathering. She radiates energy, a zest for life and fun.


"Being an entrepreneur means striving."

  • Boris’ mother, Everyone calls her Bah Mali
  • Came with her husband to visit Boris in 2000 and decided to stay. This wasn't early retirement; she wants new challenges.
  • Has worked on building, renovating and extending the guesthouse, along with helping out just about anywhere she's needed. Helps in the garden and is constantly designing and decorating
  • Boris's father (Karl-Heinz called Lung Charly) has unfortunately died in 2007

Always makes sure that everything is neat and organized. Oh and did we mention that Bah Mali cooks the best German food in Thailand?


„I have to go too far to know how far I can go."

  • Boris's son, Born in Berlin in 1987 and flew alone to Thailand at 13 years old.
  • Owner of the first horse at the Thai Horse Farm. He picked and test rode most of the first generation horses.
  • The architect responsible for the design of our jungle housing.

Currently studying architecture in Germany.


„A machete is entirely sufficient to survive in the jungle..“

  • Born in the forests of the Golden Triangle he came with his parents from the hill-tribes of Lahu in the area of the 'elephants mountains' many years ago.
  • Since 2003, our guide on jungle treks.

With his deep knowledge about the life in the wilderness he is a true "jungle man".


„You can master life either smiling or not at all.“

  • Eldest of seven daughters in a Lahu family.
  • Johan's wife and not only his, but everyone's joy.

Matha is cooking a delicious multi-course menu in the middle of the bush without pots and pans.

Our core values

We live at our farm some fundamental values which are so important to us that we use them as a guide for our daily decisions:

  • The jungle and the hill-tribe people shall not be overloaded by tourism to maintain their traditional way of live.
  • Our tours offer a private and individual character and shall never become a standard packaged tourism.
  • All our employees shall enjoy by a high job satisfaction and benefit from the success of our farm.
  • A good business is when all participants share the benefits.

Our kids


"I want to become famous once I grow up, maybe an actress!"

Nala, our little great lady. Boris and Milas eldest daughter. Is mostly pleased about guests in her age.


"Children find nothing in anything, adults find anything in nothing."

Our foster child. His parents gave him neither love nor care. Now he finally can live his childhood. Yaphu also has a great godfather, Philipp from Hamburg.


"If you think I am cute, you should see my dad!"

Aron's doughter living with us since her third month of life and feels at grandma Mila, grandpa Boris and great grandma Bärbel most comfortable.


"Even though I am the youngest here - they all listen to me!"

Milas' and Boris' daughter, granddaughter of Bärbel, Aron's, Nala' and Yaphu's youngest sister as well as Nora's aunt.


"I got the most wonderful brother."

Matha's and Johan's daughter, who is very proud of her little brother Mose.


"If necessary I can cry very loudly!"

Son and heir of Johan and Matha.

Be our guest

For your overnight stay we are happy to organize a comfortable bungalow or reserve our cozy guest room for you.

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