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We are very sorry to inform you that we can't opperate this tour in the moment. Cause is the political situation in the Shanstaate.

Burma Round Trip

Enjoy an exciting, unique and unforgettable tour. Come with us on our Jeep tour through the Myanmar bamboo curtain.

An amazing excursion to the Eastern Shan State
(7 days)

Burma, Burma Tour, Myanmar Tour, Myanmar Travel

We’ll drive from the Golden Triangle to the Chinese border. Get to experience friendly, warm-hearted people from a number of different ethnic backgrounds, while taking in the dream-like views which this isolated part of South-East Asia has to offer.

The vehicle we’ll be using for this tour is our 4 x 4 Pajero. It goes without saying that the tour can be tailored to meet any wish or need.

Day 1 "Welcome to the Golden Triangle"

We’ll meet you at the airport in Chiang-Mai and drive back to Phrao.  Upon arriving  receive a relaxing Thai massage out on our terrace. In the evening we’ll serve you a delicious welcome dinner.

Stay in a comfortable bungalow close to our farm.

Day 2 "Looking towards Burma"

After a relaxing night we’ll set off in the early hours of the morning and head north. Travel through the surrounding Phrao Mountains and arrive at the Mae Kwok River in approximately two hours. This Mae Kwok is a parallel river of the mighty Mae Khong River. This stop will give us a chance to have breakfast and enjoy the flowing river.

Myanmar Travel, Burma Travel

If you feel adventurous we can make our way to the top of the Tahton Mountain, located directly in our area. At the top of the mountain there is a colourful temple complex. This impressive temple was built more than 700 years ago using a number of different architectural styles. At the top you’ll be able to take in the stunning scenic views of the river and mountains which create a natural border with Burma.

Since there is still no official border crossing between the two nations, we’ll keep on driving.  We have to overcome an altitude difference before we arrive at Mai Sai andThailand’s longest road comes to end.  Mai Sai is a border town in Myanmar or as it is nowadays better known as Burma.

We’ll set up our quarters in a small Bungalow located directly on the Genz River and enjoy dinner and our first exotic views of Burma.

Day 3 "Through the Bamboo curtain"

We will eat breakfast on a terrace built into the middle of the river and watch migrant workers cross the river to start their day’s work.

We’ll leave Thailand, cross the river and at that moment you’ll feel as if you’ve entered a different world. The entry formalities for this country can only be out done by North Korea. Initially the sheer amount of paperwork may seem quite daunting; however the friendliness of the officials makes the experience enjoyable.

Burma trekking, Myanmar trekking

After two hours we should be done. If everything goes according to plan we’ll have our provisional passes, special permit for our 4 x 4, permits allowing us access to specific routes, a customs certificate, a permit granting us access to restricted zones and our visitors visas allowing us to stay in the country for a restricted amount of time.  Finally there’s just the small formality of having to get these forms printed out 12 times as well as paying for the documents.

Burma English Guide, Myanmar English Guide

After passing through this so called bamboo curtain we’ll get on to an asphalt road and head north. Incidentally it’s not really a big secret that the construction of this road was mainly funded by drug money.

Along the way there are a number of control posts where we  have to leave a copy of our documents, that’s why we need 12 copies. There’ll be one set of copies for the Police, one set for Customs, one set for the Secret Service, and one for the immigration authorities etc etc. In return we’ll get our temp passes stamped.

We’ll arrive in the eastern town of Kyaing-tong pronounced jeng tung late in the afternoon. This town is about 800 meters above sea level and is the capital of the Eastern Shan State.

This region is home to a large number of ethnic groups such as: Gon, Lwe, Li, Wah, Lahu, Thai nay, Shan, Li Shau, Lisou, Palong and Akha. I’m sure we’ll encounter many of these groups on our trip.

Burma Tour, Myanmar Tour

In order to not support the military junta, that have a strong grip on all the big hotels, we’ll stay in a nice private guesthouse. We won’t be staying in a big hotel because they are owned and operated by the government.

Day 4 "Hot springs"

We’ll begin our day by taking in the sights at the old market and the multitude of things offered. We can also see some of the various peoples who live in this area going about their daily activities.

Burma Tour, Myanmar Tour

The colorful traditional clothing on sale here is predominantly hand made and very diverse.
Later we’ll get away from the hustle and bustle by taking a break in a typical Burmese tea house, just like the locals do and order a rich milky tea.

After we finish our shopping tour we’ll visit two important and impressive temples in the town. The temples were established in the 13th century.

Burma English Guide, Myanmar English Guide

In the afternoon do some sightseeing in this small metropolis and see what is has to offer.

We’ll visit a hot springs and rent out a bathing room where we can enjoy the warm waters.

We’ll spend the evening at a town centre restaurant by the sea. In the evening you’ll hear the echo of prayers and songs coming from the monks at a nearby temple.

We’ll leave Kyaing Tong, head north-east and pass through countless rice terraces and overgrown jungle mountain ranges.  We can stop in the villages or drive on. The children are always excited to see new people since tourists aren’t a common sight in this neck of the woods. These encounters will be just as exciting for you as they are for the children.

Early in the afternoon we’ll arrive at road barrier and you’ll know that we’ve arrived at the restricted zone of Mong Lah (pronounced Maila), located directly on the Chinese border. Once we get to Xuam we’ll pay the entrance fee.

Burma trekking, Myanmar trekking

This area has long been under control of the military. In 1989 they signed a cease fire and since then Mong Lah has turned into the East´s answer to Las Vegas, with large numbers of rich Chinese gamblers crossing the border to come and get their gambling fix. This once sleepy border check point is now home to streets lined with palm trees, large casinos, hotels and an impressive temple. To accompany all this grandeur there are many high end boutiques and restaurants.  This place is quite bizarre if you bear in mind that it is located in the middle of the jungle. There is a definite air of charm surrounding this place. This area is yet another example of how different styles can coexist in Asia.

Myanmar Travel, Burma Travel

Before we find a hotel at the center of this location we’ll make a small detour to the Temple Mountain. The view from the top of the mountain is fascinating.

You'll see a town crammed between mountains which makes it look totally out of place. On your right you can see the Chinese border crossing point and on your left the endless Burmese mountains with their numerous hidden poppies fields.

Not far from the large market there are a number of barbecue buffets and now it's time we find ourselves some tasty local dishes and have then freshly prepared for us.

Day 6 "Burmese Buffet"

After we get permission to leave this restricted area we’ll head back to Kyaing Tong. The mountains in this region still offer us a multitude of things to do and see.

Burma Tour, Myanmar Tour

We’ll head to Loinwe traveling on an awesome off road track and once we get to Loinwe we’ll be at about 2000 meters above sea level. Up here there are a number of villages which belong to various ethnic tribes.
During the colonial era this area was quite popular among the British. They would come here for day trips or on vacation because it stays cool at this attitude even during times of extreme heat. The dream like views at the top also gives it a magical appeal.

An original 'Burmese Buffet' will be waiting for us when we get to Kyaing Tong in the evening.

Day 7 "Back to Siam"

Once we’ve checked in at the local police and have gotten our necessary paperwork, we’ll head towards Tachilek. Along the way we’ll make a stop at the market town of Mong Hpayak and use this last chance to experience authentic lifestyles of the local people.

When we get to Tachilek we’ll visit a replica of the world famous Ranguner Schwedugon Pagode which is located on a nearby mountain overlooking the valley. Crossing the border and heading back to Siam in the Kingdom of Thailand should be easy compared to entering Burma. This time we’ll drive back to Chiang Mai via Chiang Rai.

In the evening we'll go back to the ‘Rose of the North’ or Chiang Mai as the locals call it.

It will be an evening of sad farewells, but you’ll be staying in a comfortable hotel and on the following day you can carry on with your journey but without us.

Burma (Myanmar)

Burma Round trip, Myanmar Round trip

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma/Myanmar) is a multi-ethnic country in Southeast Asia. It borders on Thailand, Laos, the People's Republic of China, India, Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal.

The country is governed by a military regime and large areas are still closed to tourism. We can travel to the main tourist attractions without any problems.

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Prices & what is included

This once in a lifetime round trip includes:

  • All tour costs for a 7 day roundtrip in a small group
  • Transfer to and from Chiang Mai
  • All overnight stays as well as all catering/board costs and drinks
  • Overnight stays on both the day before and after the tour
  • All necessary transport and equipment costs
  • All entrance fees including Myanmar visa costs
  • Assisstance with your arrival and onwards journey as well as your flight bookings

7 days "all inclusive"
for only 890 Euro

Please note that this is an adventure tour. Risks arising therefrom are predictable, but can not be completely excluded. We recommend to purchase travel, health and cancellation insurance in advance. The Thai Horse Farm does not assume any liability. Thank you.

Checklist for your tour

We advise you to bring the following items:

  • A small day back and your travel bag or suitcase
  • Good solid shoes for hiking (most important comfortable shoes), a light, long sleeve shirt or t-shirt, long durable hiking pants or other comfortable pants. A fleece or pullover is also recommended
  • Sun hat, Sun cream, Insect repellent, first aid kit, cosmetic items, toiletries, swimming clothes and waterproof sandals.
  • Camera, flashlight torch (ideally headlamp)

To travel to Myanmar / Burma you do not require a visa. Upon entering the country you will receive a temporary residence permit and temporary travel document for which you need 2 passport photos.

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