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The magical ruins of the old Khmer

Cambodia has its origin in the kingdom of Kamboja and experienced its peak between the 9th - 15th century. The enormous ruins can be found in the jungles of Angkor, located near Siem Reap, a UNESCO’s world heritage site.

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Cambodia won its independence from France in 1953; which had been the colonial force there since 1863. Cambodia experienced many civil wars over a number of decades. These wars caused the death of many people and inflicted serious damage to the economy.

The Vietnam War and the Khmer Rouge dictatorship lasted from 1975 to 1979 and brought the country to its knees.

Cambodia Tour, Cambodia round trip

Since the beginning of the new millennium Cambodia has started to get back on its feet while trying to distance itself from its recent history. Cambodia is now officially a Kingdom with a constitutional monarchy and a liberal democratic government.

It is still however one of the poorest countries in the world.

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The development of tourism is starting to play an important role.

The largest tourist attraction is without a doubt Angkor, the city of temples located deep in the jungle. The city was founded over 1200 years ago in the bloody times of the Khmer kingdom. In 1431 the city was abandoned.

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Since this time the natural vegetation has flourished, giving this lost city a fantastic appeal to tourists. This magical world heritage site is situated over an area of 200 square kilometers and is home to more than 1000 temples.

If you compare Cambodia to Laos, Burma (Myanmar) and the Golden Triangle of Northern Thailand) the country doesn’t offer any tourist attractions other than Angkor.

If you travel by land to Angkor, you’ll be very impressed by the beautiful scenery.

We can organize round trips to Cambodia in conjunction with one of our Laos or Thailand tours.

Please share with us what your idea of a dream trip is and we’ll send you an offer which we hope well meet your expectations.

Cambodia round trip, Cambodia Guide English

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Cambodia Tour, Cambodia round trip

Cambodia is in Southeast Asia, bordering Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The coast in the south of the country lies on the Gulf of Thailand. The landscape is dominated by a central plain, which is partially surrounded by mountains.


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