Laos Discovery Round Trip

The best way to discover Laos is by car and our once in a lifetime round trip tour for 2-4 people. You'll also be accompanied by an English speaking guide.

Our private tour takes to sites such as the old king’s city in Luang Prapang, which has long been a World heritage site.

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We’ll also visit a number of less commonly visited regions.

Our route will take us through the isolated mountain and jungle regions where there isn’t any infrastructure for tourism or hotels so we’ll bring  any necessary equipment needed for sleeping. If we do happen to stumble across a B&B or hotel along the way. We can make an on site decision to camp or overnight at the hotel.

We’ll be traveling in a 4 x 4 Pajaro jeep so it'll be easy to make changes  to our itinerary along the way if you want to.

This is a possible 14 day tour. If you have more time, we set up a tour that fits your individual needs.

Day 1 "Welcome to the Golden Triangle"

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We’ll meet you at the airport in Chiang-Mai and drive you back to Phrao.

Once there you’ll receive a relaxing Thai massage out on our terrace.

In the evening we’ll serve you a delicious welcome dinner and then you can retire to a comfortable bungalow not far from our farm.


Day 2 "Head east to Indochina"

Laos Guide English, Laos Tour

In the early hours of the morning we’ll head east, on our way to Chiang Rai and make a stop at Mae Nam Lao and savor homemade cakes and pastries for breakfast.

From this location we'll travel another two hours until we reach the center of the Golden Triangle, Chian Saen. This is where Burma's, Laos's and Thailand's borders meet. It’s also the point at which the legendary Mae Khong River provides a natural border between the countries. We’ll then follow this river until we reach Chiang Khong.

Laos Guide English, Laos Tour

Now we’ll cross the river into Indochina on a homemade ferry. Once we get into Laos we’ll first have to go through the usual passport & customs formalities. Then have a look around the small town in the Bokeo province, which is also the capital of the province.

Stay over night in a guesthouse that offers an amazing view of the Mae Khong.

Day 3 "Laos"

After enjoying a Lao-French breakfast of baguettes and Lao coffee we’ll travel to the region of Viang Phouka using national roadway No. 3. The road was finished three years ago and now connects China to South-East Asia. We can explore this region by jeep or on foot.

We have two options: we can set up camp along a jungle stream or stay in a guesthouse near the old market. It’s your choice.

Day 4 "Jungle life with the Akha tribe"

First we’ll drive through the Nam Ha National Park to Luang Namtha, pass a Chinese border check point and then on to Oudomxai.

Laos, Laos Tour, Luang Prabang, Laos Travel

On the way we’ll encounter a number of different tribes. There are over 50 diverse tribes that call Northern Laos their home. At the big market we’ll stock up on food and supplies because we’re going to sleep under the stars tonight.

We’ll travel on the road to Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam and then take another road from Pak Nam Noi and head north. Set up camp for the night on the banks of the Mae Nam Noi River, not far from a local Akha village, so don’t be surprised if they come by and say hello.

Day 5 "Enjoy western comforts"

After breakfast and saying goodbye to the Akhas we’ll get on national road No.4 to Muang Khoua, a small town next to the Ou River.

A tributary of the Ou River divides this town and both parts are connected by a suspension rope bridge. We’ll enjoy our traditional Lao dinner at a restaurant which claims to have the most spectacular view of the river, while sampling some homemade rice wine.

Tonight you can take a hot shower since we’ll be staying at the best hotel in town.

Day 6 "On the water"

Today’s journey will take place on the water. After breakfast we’ll get on a long tail boat and head down river, passing numerous small villages and fairytale mountain landscapes on our way to Nong Kiao.

We’ll meet again in the afternoon for some coffee and cake.

The first bungalow complex was built many years ago and now it’ll be our home for the next two days and used as a base to explore this fairytale world.

Day 7 "Exercise and spa day"

Today we’ll get some exercise and get spoiled at the spa. 

Laos Trekking, Laos Guide English

There’s no gym in town so we’re going to climb one of the rugged mountains and at the top you’ll see a spectacular view of this area.

In the afternoon we’ll go to a cave which was once used as a headquarters by the ‘Patet Lao’ Communist Party during the second Indochina war.  Nearby is another cave which was recently used as a hiding place for the Lao National Bank.

Once we return to the valley we can enjoy a nice Lao steam-sauna followed by a Lao-massage. Then we’ll spend the evening drinking Lao Beer and eating fresh fish out of the Ou River.

Day 8 "Travel like Laotian Kings down the Mae Khong River to Luang Prabang"

Laos Tour, Luang Prabang, Laos Travel

The Ou River still has a lot to offer as we travel towards majestic Luang Prabang. Before we arrive at this legendary city, the Ou River merges with the so called mother of the waters – The Mae Khong.

This is how Laotian Kings once traveled to their city.

By the time you arrive, camp will have already been set up. Then we’ll roam through the city and later enjoy a Lao massage. We’ll overnight in one of the many small comfortable hotels in this town.

Day 9 "World Heritage Centre"

I wouldn’t be exaggerating by saying that every square kilometer of this world heritage city has its own magical history.

Laos Guide English, Laos Tour

We’ll get to know this city; in the morning hike up to Phousi Mountain, then go to the King’s Palace and then head towards the oldest and most beautiful temple in the city- the Wat Xieng Thong, built in 1560.

Enjoy a bounty of culinary delicacies; however it is be fair to say that the local restaurants are a cut above the ones frequented by tourists. We’ll spend the evening along the Mae Khong or visit the evening market in the City Centre; or we can enjoy yet another Lao massage.

Day 10 "Waterfalls and blue lagoons"

Say goodbye to the King’s City and head to the province’s largest market to stock up on supplies and of course get some renowned Lao beer to ease our thirst for the next couple of days in the jungle.

Laos Travel, Laos Trekking

Our next port of call is the Tad Kuang Xi waterfall located near the city. Although this beautiful waterfall is situated in a lush tropical jungle, it is a popular destination for tourists.

Now it’s time to get away from the press of tourists and go for a hike to the top of the waterfall where we’ll be able to get a bird’s eye view of this amazing scenery.

We’ll go on a trek along the river until we come to a cave where the river flows into a stunning blue lagoon and then take a swim.

We’ll set up camp close by and prepare for an extraordinary camp fire dinner.

Day 11 "Off the beaten track"

Laos Trekking, Laos Guide English

Now we’ll loaded up the 4 x 4 Jeep and take national road No.13 towards Xiang Ngeun. Once we get there we’ll head south-west taking national road No.2 (road may be somewhat of an exaggeration, this isn’t the kind of road you’d be familiar with back home) the road winds its way through sleepy villages and picturesque rice terraces.

Roughly 20 kilometers before the Mae Khong there’s a small turn off that leads into the mountains. After following this rocky road for about one kilometer we’ll arrive at a secret waterfall and set up camp for the night.  There’s also a stream nearby where we can clean up.

We’ll prepare our evening campfire meal and let the sounds of the nearby stream lull us to sleep.

Laos Travel, Laos Trekking, Laos Guide English, Laos Tour

Day 12 "Monica"

As the jungle sounds wake us up, I’m sure you’ll be well rested. After a good breakfast, we’ll pack our stuff and start on the last leg of our journey into the jungle. We’ll make our way back to the road that ends in Muang Nane in Mae Khong. Then cross the river using a pontoon bridge.

At this point we’ll be in a Xaijaburx province that is not well frequented by tourists.

This unique landscape is home to one of the largest rainforests in the country and 2000 meter mountains. Wild animals such as rhinos, elephants, buffalos, Asian black bears and tigers still roam this region.

Our chance of crossing their paths is remote since they prefer to remain in the deep jungle and not near roads.

This area is home to a number of idyllic small villages and many different tribes. I’m sure they will be happy to see us. Our destination today is the new town of Hongsah in the north of the province.

We’ll be staying in a guesthouse run by a German/ Austrian/ Brazilian ethnologist named Monica.

She lives and works in the town.

Monica is also a super cook, so expect a special treat for dinner.

On the guesthouse patio we’ll enjoy some renowned Lao massages and savor our last Lao beer.

Day 13 "The Farewell"

Today it’s time to say good bye to Monica, this beautiful jungle world and last but not least to Laos. From Hongsah we’ll drive on a dirt road for an hour until we get to the crest of a mountain which divides Thailand and Laos. Then cross back into Thailand at a small border crossing (recently opened, mainly for tourists) and enter majestic Siam. Very soon we’ll be back in civilization.

Spend the rest of the day driving through a number of national parks and passing stunning landscapes before we arrive back at our initial start location; the Thai Horse Farm.  A nice comfortable bungalow will be your disposal for the night.

Day 14 "Back to civilization"

After a leisurely group breakfast, we’ll head back to civilization.

Arrive in Chiang Mai at around midday and carry on with your trip as planned or fly home.


The Democratic People's Republic of Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia. It borders on China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar and has almost seven million citizens.

Although Laos is under communist rule, it is gradually opening up to the west and a market economy. Tourism hasn't been developed here much so you can still enjoy this country's pristine charm.

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Prices & what is included

This once in a lifetime round trip includes:

  • All tour costs for a 14 day roundtrip in a small group
  • Transfer to and from Chiang Mai
  • All overnight stays as well as all catering/board costs and drinks
  • Overnight stays on both the day before and after the tour
  • All necessary transport and equipment costs
  • All entrance fees including Laos visa costs
  • Assisstance with your arrival and onwards journey as well as your flight bookings

We offer

14 days "all inclusive"
for 1980 Euro per person

Please note that this is an adventure tour. Risks arising therefrom are predictable, but can not be completely excluded. We recommend to purchase travel, health and cancellation insurance in advance. The Thai Horse Farm does not assume any liability. Thank you.

Checklist for your tour

We advise you to bring the following items:

  • A small day back and your travel bag or suitcase
  • Good solid shoes for hiking (most important comfortable shoes), a light, long sleeve shirt or t-shirt, long durable hiking pants or other comfortable pants. A fleece or pullover is also recommended
  • Sun hat, Sun cream, Insect repellent, first aid kit, cosmetic items, toiletries, swimming clothes and waterproof sandals.
  • Camera, flashlight torch (ideally headlamp)
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