Chiang Mai

The capital of the province with the same name lies at the foot of the 1685 metre Doi Pui Mountain. It is situated in the Ping Valley which is approximately 50 km long by 30 km wide and is characterised by the immense Mae Nam Ping River which flows through it. The town is 350 metres above sea level and about 700 km from Bangkok.

Chiang Mai is regarded as the real capital of Northern Thailand because of its natural beauty and locals call it "The Rose of the North".

The town was first established by the honoured and still renowned Lan Na King Mengrai in 1296. He founded the town as the capital of his kingdom. Although the town has experienced many changes over the years it has still managed to retain much of its cultural identity. This can be seen in the daily lives of the inhabitants with their unique dialects, their own traditions and culinary specialities. 

Their multitude of fascinating antique style temples built in the typical Northern Thai way show their love for architecture.

Chiang Mai has maintained its reputation as being the centre for handcrafted goods and because of the multitude of products made out of silk, wool, silver and ceramic.

This town remains the first port of call for anyone with a real passion for art and artisans.

Chiang Mai and its picturesque landscape is what really separates it from the rest of Thailand. The Thai people and their typical way of life is often referred to by people in the know as the real Thailand: "If you want to go swimming then head south but you can do that in Mallorca as well. If you want to experience the real Thailand and meet new and interesting people then you need to visit Chiang Mai and the North of Thailand."

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Experience the charm that this south-east Asian town has to offer with its unspoiled nature. Don’t worry; we also offer modern amenities. Let yourself be whisked away to a magical world of impressive landscapes, nature and culture which Northern Thailand has to offer.

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