The jury’s still out on Pai.

For some people it’s the most chilled out place in Asia, a place where old and new meet. Where hippies stoned, with dreadlocks or without dreadlocks show their tattooed pierced beach bodies in bikinis or baggy shorts. They go from one bar to the next depending on which is the coolest place to be. You also see tourists from Bangkok and all-inclusive vacationers.  From time to time you might even see some locals trying to fit in with their own interpretation of western culture.

Many people think this is a nice place because it is surrounded by dreamlike landscapes with lots of cool cafes and rocking’ restaurants. The interestingly styled guesthouses and the comfortable hotels also add to its flavour. The town is situated next to a quiet, tranquil river and is a great starting point for day trips to some of the amazing natural surroundings which this area has to offer. As you can imagine it’s quite well known nowadays so there’s always a few tourists underway.

This town can and will satisfy everyone’s food needs - this place has it all from Halal to Kosher, Indian to Russian, German, Italian and Thai or even local specialities as well.

25 years ago Phai was a small town with a temple ( Burmese style) inhabited by the Shan and access from Chiang Mai was via a lone dirt road. During the rainy season the trip there could have taken three days. Even then Pai gave off a certain kind of charm and this is why so many backpackers recommended the place and it soon became known as a place where you could not only to smoke opium and ganja but also experience the true natural Asia.

This town has quickly developed into one of the most popular places in Northern Thailand. Since a popular Thai soap opera started filming here a few years ago, its rise to fame has been unstoppable. People from Bangkok have started coming to this naturally beautiful town in droves.

Nearly all tour operators speak highly of Pai.

All in all there lots of things to see and do here; just one thing is missing nowadays, the traditional way of life and intact nature.

All things considered, keep in mind that sometimes it’s the extreme things that make a place interesting and that’s why we think that Pai is definitely worth a visit. Even if you only go for the ride it’ll be worth it- to get there your trip will include over a 1000 road bends and take you through some amazing jungles landscapes.

Experience the unique town of Pai while taking part in one of our Northern Thailand round trips; or opt for a 2 day excursion starting out at our Farm.

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