The Sri Lanna National Park


The Sri Lanna National Park was founded in 1989 marking the 50th anniversary celebrating the coronation of King Buhmipol.

It became Thailand’s 60th national park. It covers an area of 1.406 square kilometers stretching into Mae Taeng, Phrao and Chiang Dao (all regions in the province of Chiang Mai).

The park is home to a number of various ethnic groups ranging from the North Thai Muang, Lahus, Lisuos, Karen and Akka tribes. There are also villages where the former Chinese Kuomintang lives.

The park is made up of mountains up to 1800 meters.


One of the most beautiful parks in Northern Thailand

In this area you will see spectacular waterfalls, grandiose rivers and pristine streams.

The largest inland reservoir in Northern Thailand, the Ngad Damm is a spectacular 35 kilometer in length.

Because of the altitude differences there is a large amount of floral diversity in the park. The dense, evergreen valleys are filled with bamboo groves, while up in the mountains the tropical dry forests dominate with teak and pine.

Sadly the jungle suffers because of unregulated logging and regular forest fires; the latter is done to ‘clean’ the forest.

The National Park website describes the large number of insects, birds, snakes and small reptiles. But the park is also home to tigers, musk deers, rhesus monkeys, gibbons and wild pigs.

The most common animals are squirrels and chipmunks along with herons, cranes, pheasants and green doves. The chances of seeing a clouded leopard are rare; however there is a good chance of seeing a Burmese wild cat. Some other animals which we’ve had the pleasure of discovering are tortoises, pangolins, pigtail macaques, wild pigs, rabbits and a variety of lizards.

It’s sad to say but the conservation laws are only half halfheartedly enforced , if at all. The problem is that the authorities aren’t fully aware of their responsibilities. Additionally there seems to be a general lack of interest and even in some cases of corruption.

These problems need to be addressed soon if this truly beautiful environment stands a chance of surviving for future generations.

The Thai Horse Farm is directly involved in the development and implementation of preserving this natural treasure.

In cooperation with the Chiang Mai University we have successfuly persuaded the regional administration to take stronger action to protect the environment. With their help we will be able to get some much needed legal measures put in place.

More information regarding this topic at 'Eco-tourism'.

Come and discover this unique National Park.

Horseback riding in the Golden Triangle

Get to know the wonderful mountain and jungle landscapes of the Sri Lanna National Park in Northern Thailand while taking part in a horseback trekking tour.

Ejoy the romance of a campfire, awe-inspiring mountains and jungles with their unique and fascinating sounds. See remote caves, waterfalls and untouched nature. Pamper yourself in natural hot springs and experience firsthand the exotic customs of the Nomadic tribes.

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