Horseback adventure tours
"Tailored to your wishes"


Adventure horseback riding through the magical picturesque mountains and jungles of Phrao in Northern Thailand's Golden Triangle. 

You decide how many days

We can tailor tours to specifically meet your wishes. Let us know what your preferences are.

Would you like to take part in a few days tour or for a number of weeks? Maybe you would like to choose specific parts of the tour using our 4 x 4 Jeep, or do you want to hike and let the horses carry your gear?  If you have children or you'd like to take it easy, we will do what ever is possible to make sure your time with us will be a memorable vacation.

We are lucky to have 4000 square kilometers at our disposal, offering altitude differences of up to 1500 meters and many different types of vegetation. The valleys are roughly 500 meters above sea level while some of the mountains in this region reach up to 2000 meters. This region of Thailand does not cater to bus loads of tourists. There is no infrastructure to support mass tourism.  The reason for the lack of roads in this region is that the area isn’t of any importance to the military and therefore roads have no been built.  This gives us the chance to share with you a golden opportunity to explore and discover an untouched world.

You can choose a tour that goes to various remote beautifully situated locations. For example a waterfall hidden within the depths of the jungle or the spiritual caves (a group of caves used by monks and shamans for meditative purposes because of the energies that emanate from them. Our path through Northern Thailand’s wilderness takes us to primeval villages where Hill Tribes still live today. Sometimes we can even stay at these villages, with friends or family relatives.

Variations of the tours

We offer tours that can be adapted to your wishes and needs such as one, four or six day tours.

Of course we can also  adapt our tours based on your horseback riding skills and the physical shape you are in.

Mountain and Jungle horseback riding tours (starting at 8 days)

The specialty of this particular horseback riding adventure is that it presents challenges; just like an expedition. You may not know where the next trail lies or where you’re going to set up camp for the night.

Some of the trails haven’t been used in years and are often completely overgrown! Naturally we’ll pay a visit to some more familiar places in order to stock up on supplies and say hello to our friends living in the local tribal villages.

These villages offer us a first hand look at the marked contrast between our lives and  the Hill Tribes.

Base camp Thai Horse Farm

The starting point for both tours is the Thai Horse Farm based in Ton Kok village at the eastern part of the fruitful Phrao Valley. We’ll head east leaving behind the village, the valley and civilization.

The rest of the tour is up to you, if you want to see  of something special or carry on and see new locations.  As with all of our tours, we have the right equipment for the right tour and our professional guides will insure that your  jungle journey is safe. Our guides will also share their local knowledge and wisdom with you.

Late in the afternoon on the last day of the tour we’ll get back to the Thai Horse Farm where a celebration dinner will be waiting for you. This should make your return to civilization a little bit easier.

The following day

After a relaxing night’s sleep in one of our bungalows, we’ll offer you a delicious breakfast and then take you back to your hotel where I am sure you will continue to reminisce over the experiences and memories of your magical trip.

If you have any questions regarding your outbound journey we’ll be more than happy to help. 

Prices & what is included

This once in a lifetime adventure includes:

  • Transfer to and from Chiang Mai
  • All overnight stays as well as room and full-board including drinks
  • Overnight stay the day before and after the tour
  • All cost of horseback riding adventure in a small group
  • All necessary riding and guide equipment
  • Assistance with your arrival and outbound journey as well as your flight bookings

Per request

(Example: An 8-day tour, including arrival and departure day10 days, 950 € per person)

Please note that this is an adventure tour. Risks arising therefrom are predictable, but can not be completely excluded. We recommend to purchase travel, health and cancellation insurance in advance. The Thai Horse Farm does not assume any liability. Thank you.

Checklist for your tour

For your trip we recommend to bring with:

  • Small day pack (anything you don’t need during the day is brought to the camp).
  • Good solid shoes for horseback riding & hiking (most important comfortable shoes), a light long sleeve shirt or t-shirt, long tough hiking pants or other comfortable pants. Also recommend a fleece or pullover.
  • Sun hat, sun cream, Insect repellent, first aid kit, cosmetic items, toiletries, swimming clothes and waterproof sandals.
  • Camera, flashlight torch (ideally headlamp as well) ear plugs (to ease the birds singing or your neighbor's snoring).

The months of October to February can sometimes get very cool (less than 10 degree) at higher altitudes, both in the mornings and at night. We provide warm sleeping bags.

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