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Round Trips to South-East Asia

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If you tour with us through this part of the world you’ll have the opportunity to experience an unique, beautiful tropical environment and encounter the exotic world of the Asian tribes.

Experience the genuine friendliness your Asian hosts have been offering  guests for hundreds of years.

Get a feeling for the magical vibes emanating from sacred temples and above all feel the positive energy of an Asian smile.

tour Asia, Southeast Asia, Asia Vacation

Our small group tours, usually 2-4 people take us through some of South-East Asia’s most interesting regions. This is why we are able to offer a large range of options and customer care.

The following descriptions of the trips are suggestions. You can come up with your own ideas at any time during the tour.

We’d like to wish you all the best while browsing the tours we offer. We are available 24/7 to discuss the details of your individual trip.

Let us organize your next vacation to Asia. We can take the stress out of the planning of your tour to Asia so that you can relax even before your vacation starts.

Just tell us what you like and we organize your trip.

Asia on top

Since we drive slowly it won’t be a problem to get up on the jeep’s roof for a better view.

We’ll take you to virgin areas that fortunately have not been spoiled by mass tourism.

Our guide’s language fluency and experience will provide you with an opportunity to experience Asia at a grass roots level.

Rundreise Asien, Asienurlaub, tour Asia, Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

tour Asia, Southeast Asia, Rundreise Asien, Asienurlaub

The countries in Southeast Asia provide us with a look in unfamiliar but pleasant worlds.

We can share these worlds by giving you the opportunity to take part in one of our expertly made-to-order tours and expierence this wonderful country and its people.

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